Our Campaign and the PAS

by Valentina Morana

Our Campaign is actively going on with our articles dealing with our project.

We all belong to the civil society and are not at all interested just in a “seat”in Parliament. All we want is let Marino Maglietta be admitted to the Ministry for Equal Opportunities to make the things described in our project happen.We have been talking about a data bank for paedophiles and about an anticrime pool, about allegations and about “Family-like Rehabilitating Centres”. Today we talk about PAS.

I must make a consideration first of all. I am a woman before anything else. That’s a natural given. Being a woman does not mean being submitted but being different from men and similar to them as human beings. It is certainly true that through history women have been treated as inferior beings. It still does happen nowadays as well, but it all depends on us, on the way we want to be treated and on what kind of values we want to defend and to teach to the coming generations.

There are women who let nobody submit them, there are men who submit nor women nor children.

It was in 2001 that I first faced a true PAS case. A Male of Power took revenge for his previous partner who had met an Egyptian partner. He took their then eight-year-old girl away from her with allegations of sexual abuse. Both mother and child had been living together for eight years, the one in her mother’s role, the other in her growth process. The mother’s family would take care of both of them. At first, him, a pure cad, had not even acknowledged the child who on the contrary craved him. He would only meet her every now and then, because he was always too busy with attending widely extreme parties or with working within The Establishment. He was a violent and aggressive male who deterred her partner from starting a new affair. But the woman, a pure-bred Trieste citizen would not let him submit her. So he punished her. He snatched the child away from her by first inventing an abuse envolving the child’s mother, her partner and her partner’s mother. Later on, when the trial was dismissed with no evidence at all he reported another allegation of sexual abuse once again against the child’s mother and against almost all members on the mother’s family side. Case dismissed. The Male of Power was not content with just hindering the mother from seeing her child. He wanted to destroy the whole family. He was the typical cukoo. Although the case was dismissed the mother and child were no longer able to meet each other but for very rare and accidental periods of time. It was an immense damage for both. Unfortunately I have seen everything.

The child little by little started to refuse her mother in order to see her father (who years later dropped her at another one of his partner’s place, a partner he would meet contemporarily and successively to his wife and who was then dismissed in her turn). The child would start denigrating her mother with silly motivations such as “I do not want her because she has hair like a flag” (her mother was fair hair) and saying untrue things about her. She would then ask to the Civil Structure Staff in charge whether she would be able to stay with her father if she kept on acting like that. Later on she no longer wanted to see either her mother or her grandparents who had taken care of her so well together with her aunt. At the same time she would build a forcedly substitutive family in her mind, which would include her father’s new official partner’s relatives. When she would talk she would lose herself among the winding mental paths of relations. A child that I had previuosly seen sane, breezy and with a capability for metaphor taught by her mother and her grandfather, had now turned into an obese child with serious psychical problems. Her father, nowhere to be found, her mother suffering from invaliding (psychological) scars. PAS destroys people and so do allegations. PAS has no gender. The word “gender” is like the word “under age” or “actors” overused and for interests’ sake. It is used by an ideology which asphyxiates us. It belongs to everyone of us, it cannot bend to the will of a bunch of contemptuous people. Therefore, PAS envolves mankind.

One talks a lot about it on the male’s side, because the number of alienating mothers is larger than fathers’. But there are also alienating fathers. There are several kinds of alienating mothers. They are very much helped by the Establishment through its continuous linked actions and acts which represent a great economic profit for it. These females may belong to the Establishment or they may not. In any case, they are supported. Alienating fathers on the contrary are all powerful males who are somewhat linked to Power, otherwise they would not be able to take children away, because that is what actually happens.

This said, the question is: how come that these copycats, these champions of women’s rights do not deal with those females who are victims of PAS? No one defends them, almost no one does. How is that possible? Perhaps it’s just because it regards the Establishment.

Our Campaign considers PAS a kind of mistreatment and therefore it must be dealt with as such. He/she who puts into being a situation leading to PAS is undoubtedly responsible for mistreatment and must be prosecuted as for all other kinds of mistreatments to children and to the adult world who undergo such behaviours. There cannot be would-be political mediations for this. We want PAS to be recognised and that its recognition may lead to actions, including preventive actions.

That is why we think that we can combine technicians’ opinions on the web in order to consolidate our knowledge and this way reach a proposal which has got its polestar in the Psycho-forensical Manifesto for bi-parenthood signed by 64 Psycho-forensical experts.

Therefore we find just as deeply useful our exchange with Doctor Linda Kase Gottlieb who has been dealing with this subject for years now in the U.S.A. and who has got a deep knowledge of children who are victims of such actions.

With Marino Maglietta at the Ministry for Equal Opportunities, all together we can settle this matter. Because he will finally be free of carrying on things just the way our civil society requires, without having to overcome heaps of obstacles just as all mothers and fathers have to do in order to see their children while they fight in order to conquer more centimetres (to put it in Quarto’s words when he speaks of Our Campaign).


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